The hardest part when I first started performing by myself was staying on the stage after the performance. I would sing my songs and then want to leave the stage. No bows. No applause. Just leave. I started performing because I realized that people thought my singing was pretty, and I felt that it was my gift to others. That said, I really didn’t believe that that was true. I was afraid that I wasn’t good enough, that I wasn’t talented enough. It was really uncomfortable and terrifying being on the stage. But I kept doing it because others believed in me.

Slowly, I began to believe in myself. I began to get more comfortable on stage and, and now it’s my favorite place to be! My singing is a gift, not just for others, but for me–I have fun when I perform and it truly brings me joy. I never would have come this far if I didn’t stay there, rest in the fruits of my labor, begin to receive the applause and accolades; I never would have owned my gift. I still have times where the fear comes back. I’ve only been performing solo acts for the past three years, and I constantly have to remind myself of my gifts. But I would not experience the joy I’ve found in singing or be able to share it with others if I didn’t keep trying and keep sharing it. What gifts do you have that you might be afraid to own? How might you begin to rest in and enjoy your gifts?

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