Originally written for the New Moon Women’s Circle website

If it hadn’t been so absurd, I would have cried.  A month ago, I completed a major project for work.  I worked from 9am – 6pm. I had class at 6:30pm. I was exhausted.  My work had me going up and down four flights of stairs and my work in general is very physical.  The first thing I did was text my teacher to tell her I wouldn’t get to class until 7pm, so I could stop and grab a bite to eat.  After eating and still relatively rushing to get to class, I get into the building. The elevator is broken! The class is on the sixth floor.  I’m not the type of person to back out of a class at the last moment, so I took a breath and started climbing. As I climbed I realized I needed to do more cardio in the future, but that wasn’t going to help me at the moment.  When I got to class, I was spent. Sounds horrible, right?

Actually, it was very freeing. I was so tired that I couldn’t help but be amused at that situation. In class, I couldn’t help but not worry about my performance because I had no excess energy to give, so I just enjoyed the moment.  It was a long day, but I made it through, not too much worse for the wear. I went to work the next day, not exhausted. That day turned out to be a revelation for me. What if, without completely being exhausted, when I’m stressed or worried, I decide to be amused rather than worry about things I have no control over?  What if, I decide to take each moment a little lighter, maybe even delight in my struggles? It’s kind of like skidding on ice. It takes more effort and energy to try to correct your path, but when you drive into the skid, you’re usually safer and able to avoid spinning out of control. I’m not trying to make light of anyone’s struggles–I’ve been there myself; But maybe we can try to lighten the struggle by admitting we don’t have control.

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