Performer Inspiration – Lauren Hope Krass

Originally written for the New Moon Women’s Circle website

Lauren Hope Krass  didn’t grow up wanting to be a comedian.  Her courage led her to venture into the world of comedy.  She explains, “My thing is kinda just trying to be brave and try new things.  What I can say is that I knew I loved it from the first time I did it. It was a very loud open mic at a dive bar and when I got on stage, for some reason everybody shut up and listened so I figured I was onto something.  After about a year of doing it, I knew I wanted it to be my job job and then put the steps in motion to move to NYC. I told myself okay one year from today, I’m moving to New York and then I actually did it…I think it kind of shocked a bunch of people who were like ‘Wait. Really?  You were serious?’”

I first got to see her perform in her acclaimed one woman musical “Princess Charming” several years ago at QED Astoria.  Her confidence and positive outlook were infectious, and I walked up to her and became her friend that night. She has made audiences laugh heartily in New York and nationwide at comedy festivals, colleges, and clubs including:  The Women In Comedy Festival, The She Devil Comedy Festival, and Cinder Block Comedy Festival among others, and has plenty of dreams to keep her busy far into the future. She aspires to do a spot on late night television and has far reaching desires of creating and starring in her own TV show, creating her own Broadway show, having her own talk show, as well as many other exciting opportunities that might arise in her exhilarating life.

Lauren doesn’t let fear stand in her way.  She is excited by the prospect of change and growth and says, “life is so weird and uncertain but with a little fighting and hope, it’s incredible what you can do.  It’s uncomfortable, but it’s the only way to actually live.” She does on occasion struggle with the comparison of others’ success, but even with that fights back those doubts with a positive attitude by believing that each experience gives herself an opportunity to grow.  Her advice to her peers is: “Take care of yourself and remember comedy is supposed to be fun.” Just like she does.

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