A Spirit of Adventure – Allow Your Inner Indiana Jones To Take The Wheel

Originally written for the New Moon Women’s Circle website

Only in a leap from the lion’s head shall he prove his worth.‒Dr. Henry Jones Sr.’s Grail Diary

Just one small step can change everything.  I graduated with a BA degree in drama, and I found myself in the rather comfortable position as an administrative assistant to certified public accountants.  I enjoyed the steady paycheck, nice bosses, and I even was going to business school to get a master’s in accounting. My life was familiar, steady, predictable.

In 2003, I took an elective: Entrepreneurship & Creativity.  As I worked on projects for the class, including a painting for my final, a small voice inside of me spoke up:

“That was fun.  Why don’t we have fun anymore?”

Well…security, money…

“Couldn’t there be another way?”

What could give me structure and allow me to be creative?  Teaching!

“You’re single, you’re broke, why are you sticking around here?”

I found several universities that had one year master’s level programs and allow me to end up teaching in a public school.

What did I have to lose?  Security? Comfort? What did I have to gain?  Possibly joy? Satisfaction? It was terrifying.  Should I take the risk?

I sent out four applications and let the universe decide where I would end up.  Only one acceptance. I packed my bags and headed up to Boston University.

That year was rough.  I nearly missed my rent twice.  It forced me to learn two important things:  ask for help (my pride was wounded, but I learned), and don’t give up on your heart’s desire.

Little did I know, but that first step, sending out those applications, was what the universe was waiting for to expand my life and make it more exciting (my husband, singing, and more!).  Yes, there are snake pits along the way, but the treasures awaiting the bold, the ones willing to take a leap from the lion’s head, are worth more than any momentary comforts.